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North West Practical Shooting Association

NWPSA is situated in the beautiful North West Province of South Africa. We are dedicated to promoting and developing the exciting sport of practical shooting in our region. With a rich history, NWPSA has become a hub for passionate shooters seeking to enhance their skills, compete, and enjoy camaraderie within the shooting community.


At NWPSA, we adhere to the principles of the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC), which emphasizes accuracy, power, and speed. NWPSA hosts a range of challenging and dynamic IPSC matches, designed to test your shooting abilities in practical match setups. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or new to the sport, our matches cater to all skill levels and provide a platform for personal growth and friendly competition. Safety is our top priority at NWPSA. We maintain rigorous safety protocols and ensure that all members and participants adhere to these standards. Our experienced Range Safety Officers oversee each match, ensuring a safe and enjoyable shooting environment for everyone involved.

NWPSA membership

As a member of NWPSA, you'll have access to our state-of-the-art shooting facilities, designed to accommodate a variety of IPSC divisions, including handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Our range offers diverse shooting stages, incorporating different shooting positions, target configurations, and simulated scenarios to keep you challenged and engaged. Our members comprise a diverse group of individuals who share a common passion for practical shooting and a commitment to sportsmanship.

Whether you're interested in refining your shooting skills, competing at a high level, or simply enjoying the thrill of practical shooting, NWPSA welcomes you to join our community. Explore our website to learn more about the association, upcoming matches, membership options, and contact information. We look forward to seeing you on the range and sharing unforgettable shooting experiences. Let's aim for excellence together!